1. The lead singer of The Growlers, Brooks Neilsen really doesn’t like bright lights hence the shitty dark photo of them on stage. The lights guy didn’t get the hint or he was just being a shit head and kept turning them up until Brooks flipped him the bird and that was that. 

2. Most of their fan base smoke. Sorry rephrase that they all smoked, I’m pretty sure more people were out at the smokers area then in the actual gig. Also Cooly hotel has these lights out there that change colours which really makes whatever poison you’ve ingested work really well. 

3. The support bands were sick, not that they usually aren’t but everyone turned up when the doors opened so they looked better then usual. Instead of playing to a half empty room the place was packed from the get go. You’ve probably heard Tomorrows Tulips but you should also have a listen too TSUN and the opening band whose name escapes me, Google it. 

4. Cooly Hotel have the most expensive drinks in the whole world, I’m sure of it. Hence why the carpark out front was lined with vans full of people drinking cask wine out of maccas cups. 

5. People on the Gold Coast like too mosh, too everything. I’m not quite sure how we ended up moshing to The Growlers but it happened, even if we were moving at ten times the pace of the music. 

6. The Growlers played a tight show from Brooks’ crowd banter and sultry dance moves to bassist maintaining an emotionless face/staring comp with the crowd for the entire set it was bullshit good as a whole. Also we all ended up back where we started in the carpark drinking cask wine and rolling darts with the band. 

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